Booking instructions

After reviewing the room information provided on the website, you can choose between the following two options to book a room:

Option 1: Make a direct call to the hotel’s phone number to receive faster advice and to receive exact information on room availability.

Option 2: Visit the hotel’s website to book a room.

Check-in time:

*Note: Other services not included in the booking will be charged as per the hotel’s policy.

Payment methods

When you book a room, our booking system will send you a confirmation letter via email. You need to make the payment for your reservation by the due date using one of the following payment methods:

Make an online payment via bank cards: ATM or international credit card.

To make an offline payment via bank cards: ATM or international credit card.

To make a payment via bank transfer:

Direct payment method:

Payment security policy:

We do not keep any information related to the credit card or bank account that you use on the website via a third party payment gateway.

The web-based card payment system provided by the payment gateway partner is legally licensed for operation in Vietnam. Hence, our card payment security standards are compliant with the security standards of the payment gateway partner.


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